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The (Virtual) Therapist Assistant Is In
‍Healthcare entrepreneur Esha Oberoi shares how AI-led platforms can bring critical support to people who need help, wherever they may be......
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Health entrepreneur Esha Oberoi’s new mission to solve the world’s mental health crisis
Solving the world’s mental health crisis has driven dynamic health entrepreneur, Esha Oberoi back into the start-up world with her latest venture, Leora.Leora is an online mental health companion that can provide 24/7 affordable therapy support to people, regardless of their location. It aims to move away from reactive mental healthcare into real-time therapy based on intervention and prevention using virtual therapist assistants......
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Benefits of counselling
Are you about to have your first counselling session or considering having a session? If you are feeling unsure, then read this to understand what you can expect from the experience: The role of a Counsellor is to provide a safe and assuring space for you to tell......
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Setting Goals for 2023
When you think about the new year, what do you see? Do you see an abundance of opportunities for growth and improvement? Or do you feel like it will be a year of stagnation or failure? If your mind is filled with thoughts of dread for the upcoming months, don't worry – that's normal. In fact, most people experience some form of anxiety as......
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