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Why DID we launch leora?

1 in 2 Australians will face mental health illness sometime in their life.
1 in 7 Australians are on anti-depressants, whilst 1 in 3 psychologists do not have capacity to accept new clients. The increasing need for mental health supports with a declining healthcare workforce is not an isolated issue in Australia, this is a global pandemic. The whole world is looking pretty grey, when these stats are very black and white. It is also a clear indication that we need solutions to aid our workforce.

At Afea Care Services, our award-winning Australian healthcare business, we witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by individuals living with psychosocial disabilities, waiting for sessions. We also saw the delays in access to care for our own growing workforce as they tried to access the traditional EAP we had in place for them.

Backed by our Founder & CEO, Esha Oberoi's 15 years of expertise in successfully founding and scaling Afea Care Services; and driven by her passion to scale supports, we launched Leora.ai. Our goal is to revolutionise pathways to access, introduce early intervention tools and well-being within the corporate world and finally turnaround the negative trajectory. Traditional pathways to care are often hindered by stigma, geography, therapist availability, travel and cost considerations.

We understand the importance of employee well-being in driving productivity, engagement and overall organisation success. With our sister company, Afea Care Services, winning Australian Financial Reviews Best Places to Work three years in a row. That's why Leora is here to empower your enterprise to prioritise mental health, self-care and create a resilient and thriving workplace.

Our AI-driven platform combines the power of artificial intelligence, human based therapy, and evidence based psychology to provide accessible self-guided tools, real time dashboards and insights as well as immediate connections to their preferred choice of therapists. Make an enquiry to learn more.

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Now the more important question is who is Leora?

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